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Is there anybody out there?

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  • Is there anybody out there?

    I've dropped off this page for almost 2 years due to life happenings. I just moved and am ditching my 55gal DYI set up in exchange for an all in one JBJ nano. Looks like no one has been active in this club since last year. Is this club still active?

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    Pretty lame in the past couple of years. Iím thinking about shutting it down.


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      Really hate to see a great forum like this gets inactive but it seems like FB groups are taking over the forum.

      H, I think to save you money...I vote to archive this forum


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        Thanks for the input, Justin. I met a lot of nice folks through this forum, including you.


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          Yep, I hate that this site lost action to FB, something I'm averse of. Now, I'm totally disconnected from the local reef/aquarium "market". Nice to see some familiar names posting, even if it may be for the last time. Good to see you're around Justin, thank you for all that you've done for so many, & thank you very much Hector for this great service you provided for us!