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  • possible ich

    looks like all of a sudden my angel fish has ich . white spots all over it .
    what is recommended to cure this ? i have 4 other fish in the tank and they look like they do not have any spots i have a handful of corals as well

    any help or advice is much appericated

    thanks alot
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    If u can remove him to qt then treatment would be easier. As far as meds....I'm not the one to comment since I haven't beaten in the past. By the way...your inbox is full.


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      in box cleared sorry wookie


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        UV sterilizer can help a lot

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          I used copper treatment in a quarantine tank in the past. Also a daily freshwater dip will help.


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            +1 on the UV sterilizer and add garlic to the food.


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              I've just gone thru this myself. A wrasse that I had quarantined for a month, looked completely healthy so I didn't medicate (thinking I wouldn't add any unnecessary stress to the fish), but it must have been a carrier, as 3 weeks after the wrasse was put in my DT, my hippo & flame came down with what I assume to be ich and died quickly. My blenny started glancing (scratching against rock), so I immediately put the remaining fish in QT and medicated with Cupramine, which removed all symptoms within a day or two. After finishing the Cupramine treatment and running carbon and water changes, I medicated with PraziPro (praziquantel), for any possible remaining internal parasites. My fish will remain in QT and my DT fallow (no fish) for 72 days (currently about 50 days into this treatment), which is the amount of time required for the ich life cycle to complete, and with no fish to host, it will die out in my DT. I've learned my lesson in that observing a fish in QT isn't adequate, as some fish (like my wrasse), can show absolutely no signs of parasites/disease but can be carriers. From now on, I will absolutely medicate each and every fish in QT before it has a chance to infect my DT. Although you must be patient to go thru the 72 day fallow period for your DT, it will remove ich from your system, and if you've been in this hobby for any length of time, you learn that patience is a good thing. Also, during that 72 days, you can focus on your corals in your DT! Without going thru the 72 day fallow cycle, ich will remain in your tank and will most likely surface on your fish any time they're stressed. I definitely recommend Cupramine for treatment, and would suggest getting a good copper test kit (Seachem) to ensure you maintain proper copper levels. Also, be sure not to use a product like Prime (water treatment product that removes ammonia) while treating with copper, as it will turn the copper into a very toxic form that can easily kill your fish.


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                Thanks for all,the info.